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Exercise and Stimulation While You Are Away

Our Vacation Care services offer a flexible and convenient solution for dog owners who need reliable, attentive care for their pets while they’re away on vacation or business trips. Our experienced pet sitters visit your home multiple times per day to ensure your dog’s needs are met, maintaining their routine and providing the affection and attention they deserve.

In The Comfort Of Their Homes

The key features of our Vacation Care services include:

Customized Visits:

We tailor our visits to your dog’s specific needs, preferences, and routines. Each visit includes feeding, fresh water, bathroom breaks, playtime, and plenty of love and attention.

Flexible Scheduling:

You can choose the frequency and duration of our drop-in visits based on your dog’s requirements and your preferences, ensuring they receive the right level of care while you’re away.

Home Security:

In addition to caring for your dog, our pet sitters help maintain the security of your home by bringing in mail, adjusting blinds, turning lights on and off, and giving your home an occupied appearance to deter potential intruders.

Regular Updates:

We provide you with daily updates and photos of your dog, keeping you informed about their well-being and activities during your time apart.

Exercise and Mental Stimulation:

Our pet sitters engage your dog in play and exercise, ensuring they remain physically active and mentally stimulated while you’re away.

Emergency Preparedness:

Our experienced pet sitters are trained to handle emergencies and can quickly respond to any health or safety concerns that may arise, ensuring your dog receives prompt care if needed.

No Overcrowding:

Unlike boarding facilities, our Vacation Care services allow your dog to enjoy the comfort and familiarity of their own home, reducing stress and anxiety associated with unfamiliar environments.

By choosing our Vacation Care services, you can enjoy your time away with confidence, knowing that your beloved pet is receiving personalized, attentive care tailored to their unique needs. This convenient and flexible approach to pet sitting ensures your dog’s well-being and happiness, giving you peace of mind while you’re away.